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Integrating LeadPages with ActiveCampaign

HTML / Form Integrations with LeadPages and ActiveCampaign

There are a few different ways to integrate ActiveCampaign with other systems (more on this later). One of the systems many people want to integrate with is LeadPages.

If you aren’t familiar with LeadPages is system that lets you quickly and easily create great looking, high converting opti-in forms, landing pages, webinar registration pages, and more. It saves you heaps of time versus creating them from scratch yourself.

LeadPages has lots of really great looking templates to get you started and they track the conversion rates of all their templates so you can see which ones work the best. If you have probably come across heaps of LeadPages out there on the Internet and didn’t even know it.
You have probably come across a few on this site as well.

While LeadPages makes it quick and easy to gather somebody’s email address for your list, you still have to get that email address from LeadPages into ActiveCampaign.

For many email marketing platforms LeadPages provides direct API (Application Programming Interface) integration. This means that behind the scenes LeadPages and the email marketing system talk to each other directly.

I have been told that they are currently working on and API connection for ActiveCampaign, however at the time of writing, this connection is not ready. (you can check the status here)

However, that does not mean that you can’t get the two systems to talk to each other. In this post we will walk you through how to use the HTML copy and paste method to get you LeadPages landing pages to send your email opt-ins to ActiveCampaign.

Follow the steps below to integrate ActiveCampaign with LeadPages.

1. First you need to create a form in ActiveCampaign to gather the details for your opt-in. If you don’t know how to create an ActiveCampaign form, you can watch the video below.

[LeadPages video fro mthe barand engine]

2. Once the form has been saved in ActiveCampaign navigate to the ‘Integrate with your site’ tab in the Form Builder. You will see a window there called ‘Embeddable HTML’. This is the HTML code for our form. We are eventually going to copy and paste this form across to LeadPages.

ActiveCampaign form HTML


3. Login to you LeadPages account. Go to the ‘My Account’ menu in the upper right and choose ‘Integrations’

LeadPages account integrations


4. You Then want to activate ‘Other /Copy / Paste

LeadPages integrations


5. Then begin to create the LeadPages template of your choice. When you get to the step where you are creating and integrating your form, choose ‘Other’ from the ‘Integrate form with’ drop down menu.

Then you will be able to copy and paste the form HTML from Step 2, into the ‘HTML Code’ box.

LeadPages HTML integration

6. Once you have pasted in the HTML form LeadPages should recognise the fields from the ActiveCampaign form you created and let you continue to create your LeadPages template. Click ‘Save’ and you are done with integrating LeadPages with ActiveCampaign.

Now when someone uses your LeadPages template to opt-in then will end up on you list inside of ActiveCampaign

If you want to give ActiveCampaign a try, you can set up a free trial account here.

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