ActiveCampaign Case Study

TAM 037: Marketing Automation Case Study – Part 1

In episode 37, I chat with Cate Richards – Founder of True Entrepreneur – a website created for Entrepreneurs to help create and crystalise their branding and messaging.

In this case study – listen in is as Cate Richards tells us how she wants to use marketing automation in her business and on her new website, but isn't quite sure how to get started.

This case study series will follow Cate through the steps of getting started, all the way through a complete marketing automation implementation for her new website.

Stay tuned for the next part of our Marketing Automation Case Study.

We chat about:

  • How she started
  • Tools and plugins that can help you to make marketing automation efficient
  • Touch points before customer's successful purchase
  • E-mail marketing approach
  • Quick wins using marketing automation
  • Forms and adding tags
  • Optin plugins to use
  • Building forms through ActiveCampaign
  • Working out tagging structures
  • Next logical sequences after mail opt in

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