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TAM 076: Automating With Zapier – Mike Knoop
With the number of nifty SaaS apps used in your business growing by the day, it becomes vitally important to[...]
TAM 075: Riffing on ActiveCampaign – Chris Davis
In this episode I welcome back long time friend of the show Chris L. Davis, formerly of LeadPages and now[...]
TAM 074: Finding Your Voice and Brand With Chris Ducker
A lot of the folks I work with and talk to have trouble finding their voice when it comes to[...]
TAM 073: Sales Tracking With Wicked Reports – Scott Desgrosseilliers
In episode 73, I talk sales tracking and conversion optimisation  with Scott Desgrosseilliers, from Wicked Reports.  I love Wicked's tag[...]
TAM 072: Advanced ActiveCampaign Integrations – Jake Hower
In episode 72, I talk to Jake Hower from about some advanced ActiveCampaign integrations. A question that comes up a[...]
TAM 071: T20 – Automation Split Testing
Episode 71 is a Tactical 20 episode all about the automation split testing feature recently released by ActiveCampaign [Tweet "Check[...]
TAM 070: ThriveCart Overview
This is the last episode in our 'payment series' and this time I am talking about ThriveCart, what it can[...]
TAM 069: WooCommerce with Jason Kadlec
WooCommerce is a strong contender for the top spot when looking for options to create a traditional online store. It is[...]
TAM 068: Shopify With Kurt Elster
Episode 68 touches on one of the more traditional cart platforms. Shopify is not only for kickstarter e-commerce sites but[...]
TAM 067: T20 Listener Payment Questions
In episode 67, we continue the payment series by answering a few listener questions about online payment platforms [Tweet "Listener[...]
TAM 066: Simple Payment Platforms
If your needs are simple and you don't need all the extras in the high end cart platforms, or you[...]
TAM 065: SamCart With Scott Moran
Episode 65 continues the payment series that was started in Episode 63. The series covers payment processes, shopping carts, order[...]
TAM 064: ActiveRelay with Dan DeWitte
In episode 64, we continue our 'payments series'. This week I talk to Dan DeWitte, the creator of ActiveRelay.  Why[...]
TAM 063: How To Choose A Payment Platform
In episode 63, we are beginning a "payments series" highlighting a number of payment platforms that integrate well with ActiveCampaign. There[...]
TAM 062: Cate Richards – Case Study Part 3
In episode 62 of the podcast, we check back in with Cate Richards to see how she is getting along[...]
TAM 061: T20 ActiveCampaign Feature Updates
In episode 61, I go through a few new feature updates to ActiveCampaign and what that might mean to the[...]
TAM 060: ActiveCampaign Deliverability With Jon Maldia
In episode 60, I talk with head of ActiveCampaign deliverability Jon Maldia. We chat about email deliverability, the factors that[...]
TAM 059: How To Use Scarcity Without Being A Douchebag
In this week's Tactical 20, I talk about using scarcity in your offers. Scarcity is a powerful motivator when it[...]
TAM 058: Goals Feature In ActiveCampaign
In episode 58, we cover the new Goals feature in ActiveCampaign. I chat with Kelly O'Connell the customer success manager[...]
TAM 057: Creating Online Courses With Thrive Themes
Creating online courses is great for lead generation and revenue, but how do you get started? This week's episode follows on[...]
TAM 056: Lead Capture With The Thrive Themes Suite
Everybody needs lead capture on their website. Thrive Themes offers some great tools to make this process easy and effective.[...]
TAM 055: Tactical 20 – New ActiveCampaign Features
ActiveCampaign is rolling out the new features and enhancements, faster than I can play with them. In this week's episode,[...]
TAM 054: Sean Kaye – Sending Daily Emails
In episode 54, I talk with Sean Kaye from about the process of planning, executing and maintaining a daily[...]
TAM 053: Tactical 20 – New Automation Builder Features
In this 'Tactical 20' episode I talk new features in the ActiveCampaign automation builder. Move Steps Copy Steps Create Notes [Tweet[...]
TAM 052: Stephan Hovnanian – Advanced Lead Scoring Strategies
In episode 52, I discuss some advanced lead scoring strategies. Lead scoring is one of the most underutilised features in ActiveCampaign,[...]
TAM 051: Tactical 20 – New ActiveCampaign Form Builder
This this week's 'Tactical 20' podcast I highlight a few features of the new ActiveCampaign form builder that was just released.[...]
TAM 050: Scott Gellatly – Automating Workflows With Podio
In episode 50, I chat with Scott Gellatly of Scale My Empire. Scott specialises in Podio. With hundreds of business tools[...]
TAM 049: Tactical 20 – Using The ActiveCampaign Bulk Editor
Where to find and how to use the ActiveCampaign Bulk Editor [Tweet "Did you know about the @ActiveCampaign bulk editor?[...]
TAM 048: Wilco de Kreij – Facebook Lead Ads
For episode 48, I chat with Wilco de Kreij of Connect Leads. Last year, Facebook launched their newest feature called[...]
TAM 047: The “Best Of” Automations For 2016
Well it is that time of year again, when everyone is making business plans for the coming year. Hopefully by[...]
TAM 046: Greg Merrilees – Designing For Results
In Episode 46, Greg Merrilees – Director of Studio 1 Design, and I chat about how important design is to your[...]
TAM 045: Cate Richards – Case Study Part 2
In episode 45, Cate Richards – Founder of True Entrepreneur is back for part 2 of our marketing automation case study.[...]
TAM 044: Chris Lang – Email Deliverability
In episode 44, we chat with the email deliverability Jedi – Chris Lang. Chris Lang is an email delivery consultant[...]
TAM 043: Tim Paige – Using Webinars For Lead Generation
In episode 43, I chat with Tim Paige, host of ConversionCast. We talk about creating a sales funnel to get customers[...]
TAM 042: Tactical 20 – New ActiveCampaign Features
In episode 42, I outline 3 new ActiveCampaign features that might make you marketing life easier. [Tweet "3 new @ActiveCampaign[...]
TAM 041: Chris Davis – The Perfect Follow-Up Sequence
For episode 41, I chat with the marketing automation stud muffin and head of marketing automation at LeadPages - Chris Davis. In[...]
TAM 040: T20 – Using Personalization Tags
There are some cool things that you can do with personalization tags (sometimes called merge fields) that will give your[...]
TAM 039: Todd Brown – Sales Funnel Strategy, Part 2
In the episode 39, we finish up with part 2 of my chat with Todd Brown - founder of Marketing Funnel Automation.[...]
TAM 038: Todd Brown – Sales Funnel Strategy, Part 1
In episode 38, I chat with Todd Brown -  founder of about sales funnel strategy and the steps you need[...]
TAM 037: Marketing Automation Case Study – Part 1
In episode 37, I chat with Cate Richards – Founder of True Entrepreneur – a website created for Entrepreneurs to help[...]
TAM 036: Ian Brodie – How To Build A Great Onboarding Sequence
In episode 36, I chat with Ian Brodie, Author of the Email Persuasion - the number one book in Email[...]
TAM 035: Charles Valher – Automating With People
In episode 35, I chat with  Charles Valher, Co-founder of Outsourcing Angel a trusted provider of outsourced solutions. [Tweet "How to[...]
TAM 034: Tactical 20 – List Strategy
In this Tactical 20 podcast we talk about how to set up your list structure in the most efficient way.[...]
TAM 033: Kevin Rogers – Copywriting The Right Way
In episode 33, I chat with Kevin Rogers Copywriter, founder of  and Amazon's best selling author of "The 60-second[...]
TAM 032: Dan Norris – Content Marketing The Right Way
In episode 32, I chat with return guest Dan Norris, author of "Content Machine". If content marketing is all the[...]
TAM 031: Dan Dobos – Marketing Automation Lessons Learned
In episode 31, I chat with Dan Dobos, creator of LeadMachine is a marketing automation platform that is really[...]
TAM 030: Ezra Firestone – Post Purchase Follow Up
In episode 30, I chat with e-commerce rockstar Ezra Firestone. We talk about how to use marketing automation to convert[...]
TAM 029: Dane Maxwell – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
In episode 29, Dane Maxwell (from and I start to chat about marketing automation, then the conversation takes an[...]
TAM 028: Chris Davis from LeadPages
In episode 28, I chat with Chris Davis the head of marketing automation at LeadPages. Chris handles a lot of[...]
TAM 027: Russell Brunson – ClickFunnels and Actionetics Marketing Automation
In episode 27, ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson joins me to share a bit of his entrepreneurial journey. We also chat[...]
TAM 026: Taki Moore – Webinar Blueprint
This week's episode is a webinar master class with Taki Moore from Taki is the king of sales frameworks[...]
TAM 025: T20 – ActiveCampaign Integrations
In this Tactical 20 episode I talk about how you can quickly and easily create ActiveCampaign integrations with your other[...]
TAM 024: Kavit Haria – Lead Flow Explained
In episode 24, I talk with Kavit Haria about how you can set up a four stage system to make sure[...]
TAM 023: Dan Faggella – Turning Leads Into Customers
In episode 23, I chat with Dan Faggella from Dan is a long time automator and shares a wealth[...]
TAM 022: T20 – How To Stop An ActiveCampaign Automation From Ending
Episode 22 is another "Tactical 20" show. A quick, easy implementable, tip or technique you can put to work in your[...]
TAM 020: Kyle Graham – Elements Of A Successful Sales Funnel
In episode 20 of the podcast, I chat with Kyle Graham, founder of the funnel building software, 10 Minute Funnels.[...]
TAM 019: Ben Krueger – A Great Follow Up Sequence
In episode 19, I welcome back Ben Krueger. Ben was my guest on episode 12, sharing his insight on how[...]
TAM 018: Tactical 20 – Lead Scoring
In this 'Tactical 20' episode I talk about Lead Scoring. What it is Why you should use it How to[...]
TAM 017: Jake Hower – 4 Key Automations For Any Business
In episode 17, we continue our series of practical automation sequences you can go away and implement in your business[...]
TAM 016: Justin Brooke – Why I Switched To ActiveCampaign
In episode 16, I talk to Justin Brooke "The Traffic Guy Millionaires Recommend". In the past Justin has been a staunch[...]
TAM 015: John Logar – Rapid Cashflow Sequence
In episode 15, we get John Logar back to share one of his favourite automation sequences, he calls it the[...]
TAM 014: Tactical 20 – Email Link Tagging And Automations
In this week's Tactical 20 episode, we talk about how you can tag contacts and start ActiveCampaign automations based on[...]
TAM 013: Justin Cooke – How To Segment Your LIst
Want to know how to segment your list? In episode 13, we talk to Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers.  Justin shares[...]
TAM 012: Ben Krueger – Cashflow Podcasting
In episode 12, we talk to podcasting expert Ben Krueger about how you can use a podcast as the front[...]
TAM 011: Tactical 20 – ActiveCampaign Site Tracking
This week's 'Tactical 20' was sparked by a question from Stephen who is a student on our ActiveCampaign course. He was[...]
TAM 010: John McIntyre – How To Plan Copy That Sells
In episode 10, I chat with John McIntyre "The Autoresponder Guy". We discuss how to plan your copy to match[...]
TAM 009: Jason VandeBoom – CEO of ActiveCampaign
In episode 9 we talk with ActiveCampaign CEO, Jason VandeBoom. Jason and I chat about the culture and direction of ActiveCampaign.[...]
TAM 008: Tactical 20 – The ActiveCampaign Action List Concept
We try a new format this week for episode 8. This week is a "Tactical 20" tip. The "Tactical 20"[...]
TAM 007: Jake Hower – Getting Started With Marketing Automation
In episode 7, I chat with Jake Hower from FuzedApp, Jake has a great story about being a bricks and mortar[...]
TAM 006: Andre Chaperon – Using Storytelling To Sell
In episode 6 of The Active Marketer podcast we talk to email marketing heavyweight Andre Chaperon. Andre has an industry[...]
TAM 005: John Logar – Online Marketing For Offline Businesses
In episode 5 we talk to John Logar about online marketing for offline businesses. A common objection and misconception about[...]
TAM 004: Using CRM Pipelines In ActiveCampaign
The CRM Pipelines and Deal Tracking in ActiveCampaign are relatively new features. It is very powerful and can be used for automating[...]
TAM 003: Dan Norris – Designing Your Business For Growth
In episode 3, we talk with serial entrepreneur Dan Norris founder of WPCurve a popular WordPress support service.  This week[...]
TAM 002: Thrive Leads’ Shane Melaugh – Building Your Mailing List Faster
In episode 2 we talk with Thrive Leads creator Shane Melaugh. Shane Melaugh runs Thrive Themes, which we use and[...]
TAM 001: James Schramko – Profitable Email Marketing
Welcome to the very first episode of The Active Marketer podcast. I am very excited to be firing up this[...]