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Discover a simple formula for segmenting your audience so that you can create hyper focused, high converting, email marketing campaigns.

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When we started automating we had no idea what we were doing really, and ended up with arbitrary tags all over the place. But Barry's Ninja Guide sorted all that...it helped us understand why to tag in the first place, how and where to tag, while offering working examples and action steps. Excellent guide, Barry. Thanks!

Graeme Taylor-Warne

I think the ninja guide to tagging was excellent - very well laid out and easy to follow, especially the tag type suggestions. Coming in with only a basic knowledge of tagging, this approach excites me because it will increase the relevance of my messages and hopefully send people the valuable content they are seeking. Well done.

Cate Richards

Tagging process for a Marketing Automation System is like a filing system for business documents. If you do not do it properly, you will get lost and waste time. Worse, unorganized and chaotic tagging may initiate an automation for the wrong list or wrong contact. "Ninja Guide To Tagging" is a perfect resource to do it right.

Lewis Yildirimturk

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