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Testimonial for Barry Moore - Jennifer Cohen

This training is a must if you start using Active Campaign. Active campaign is such a powerful tool but can seen daunting when you first get started. Taking this course was the best decision.

There is no way I would be using active campaign to its full potential without this course and I recommend it to everyone.

Jennifer Cohen


Testimonial for Barry Moore - Jose Cernuda

Barry is a great instructor. He is very clear and easy to understand. Everything in this course is intelligently organised and easy to follow. The instructor takes you the by the hand and shows you how everything works.

This is a great course for anyone who wants to learn how to use ActiveCampaign to its fullest potential.

Jose Cernuda

Diving Instructor

Testimonial for Barry Moore - Michaela Thiede

This course should be obligatory after signing up for AC. I've learned a lot and the whole system makes much more sense now.

I thought it was just replacing lists with tags and I was terribly wrong.

Michaela Thiede


Testimonial for Barry Moore - Vikram Anand

This was an absolutely amazing course! Well structured, and packed to the brim with actionable content. I've learnt more about AC in two days than I would have in a week on my own.

It is an outstanding course, and highly recommended for a beginner to AC.

Vikram Anand



What You Will Get

01 Easy to Follow Videos

Complicated concepts are broken down into small bite sized, easy to understand, video lessons you can refer back to again and again anytime you get stuck.

Over 25 short, easy to digest video lessons are part of the course.

02 Concepts not just Software

I don't just teach you how to use a piece of software. I show you how all the pieces fit together and why.

I incorporate all the hard lessons I have learned and make sure we head off mistakes before they happen you.

03 Guides / Worksheets

You are going to need to know what you want to build. That is why I provide you comprehensive guides and worksheets to get you started.

You need all the parts of a successful funnel, not just the software.

04 Community

Everyone has questions they need answered and ideas they want to share. That is why you also get ongoing community support in our over 10,000 strong private Facebook group.

See you inside.

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ActiveCampaign is a very power tool for automating your marketing and your business.

But like any tool you have to know how to use it. I can go to the hardware store and get the best tools money can buy, but that doesn't mean I am a good builder, or even have a clue what I am doing.

That is why I created these courses, to give you the foundations on how to use this amazing tool to build yourself a marketing machine that almost runs itself

Barry Moore Author

Is This For You?

Know You Need to Implement Marketing Automation in Your Business, but Don't Know Where to Start?

That is exactly the way I felt 8 years ago when I started down that road.
So I have been there. I know exactly how you feel and I made this course just for you.


See How Easily You can get an ActiveCampaign Working for You.


They Say

Course Content

Getting Started

In this section we discuss:

  • How to pick the right ActiveCampaign plan for your needs (this can save you serious $)
  • How to navigate the ActiveCampaign dashboard
  • How to implement Site Tracking on your website

Using Tags

In this section we cover:

  • How to use Tags, the real powerhouse within ActiveCampaign
  • How to plan your tagging strategy
  • How to use the ActiveCampaign tag manager
  • How to use the included guide and worksheet

Using Lists

We cover the very important topic of Lists, specifically your List strategy. Lists and Tags are the wet cement of your marketing machine foundation. Get these wrong in the beginning and it is a giant pain to fix later. So we cover:

  • List overview and strategy
  • How to create Lists
  • How to use Custom Fields
  • How to import your old Contacts
  • How to create List segments

Using Forms

Forms are how people sign up to your mailing list. ActiveCampaign comes with built in forms, but you can also use other third party form tools to get the job done (arguably better). We discuss:

  • An overview of Forms
  • Inline Forms
  • How to integrate Forms
  • Wordpress plugin
  • Plus level Forms
  • Other Form tools

Working with Contacts

Contacts, in ActiveCampaign parlance, are the people on your mailing list(s). In this section we cover how to work with Contacts.

  • An overview of Contacts
  • Adding Contacts manually
  • Viewing a Contact's details
  • How to use the Bulk Editor to save time
  • Advanced search techniques


Campaigns is the ActiveCampaign term for a one-off email. However, there are several types of Campaigns. In this section we discuss:

  • An overview of Campaigns
  • Creating a standard Campaign
  • Date-based Campaigns
  • Split-test Campaigns
  • How to manage Campaigns

Intro to Automations

The real power of marketing automation lies in Automations. Arguably the most confusing and most rewarding part of the platform. In this introduction we cover:

  • What Automations are (essentially Triggers and Actions)
  • How to use Automation Triggers
  • What Actions you can perform with Automations
  • How to use the Automation Builder
  • How to import an Automation


In this section we cover Reports, I give you an overview and show you how to see the effectiveness of your Campaigns and Automations. We discuss:

  • The categories of reports
  • How to resend a campaign to those that didn't open
  • Campaign performance reports
  • Automation reports
  • Contact reports

Who is Teaching the Course?

Barry Moore

Barry is an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant (the very first one in fact), entrepreneur, aviator and former eCommerce and technology executive, with over 20 years experience selling online and he has been using ActiveCampaign since the very beginning.

Barry is also a published author, presenter and host of "The Active Marketer" podcast, a show dedicated to helping small business owners take control of their online presence, build their brand and automate their business.

Barry Moore - Active Campaign Partner
The Active Marketer - Barry Moore